At Interior Savings, we’re here to help guide you to lifelong financial health. Local money for local good is helping our members make the smart financial choices with a team of specialists ready to help, and all the products you need, and online banking too.

Local money for local good is about putting our members first and helping you flex your financial health.

Helping our members

21 branches
supporting 14 communities across interior BC.

16 insurance locations 
offering simple to sophisticated insurance products including home, travel, auto and commercial. Each with expert advice by certified staff to cover all your needs for protection.

Trusted by you
Our members are also our owners. That’s why 70,000 of your friends and neighbours entrust us with $2 billion of their deposits.

Our focus is you first
Bank, borrow, insure and plan with expert advice from specialists who know your name, understand your situation and put your goals first.

Share in our profits
We share $2 million in profits with our members every year.

Best in customer service
2020 Ipsos® Best Banking Awards have ranked Canada’s credit unions first in Customer Service Excellence for the 16th consecutive year!

Access anywhere
We have mobile and online banking with features like eTransfer and Deposit Anywhere. Open accounts online too.

2nd largest ATM network 
Ding-free banking at credit union ATMs across Canada.

Everything you need
We offer a full suite of financial products to suit your unique needs from everyday banking online or in branch to financial planning and mortgage expertise.

Have your say
Our members are shareholders and vote for our Board of Directors.

Feel protected
Deposits are 100% guaranteed. Deposits are guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

World-class advice
Smart financial planning is a big part of feeling good about where you are now and confident about where you’re heading. Our accredited and certified wealth planning staff offer expert advice to help with all your investment, retirement and wealth planning needs.

Growing our local economy

More than 7,500
businesses supported throughout the interior. Whether you need business banking, business borrowing, business services or general planning and advice, our team would love to help you help your business grow strong and stay strong.

3% of our earnings
are invested in our communities—that’s three times higher than the big banks.

More than $2 billion
financing members’ dreams through mortgages and loans.

More than 500 employees
in interior communities.

Building our community

More than $29 million
in cash over the past decade to members through Member Rewards, dividends and bursaries.

More than $3 million
in profits to members in 2021 with $2.3 million in Member Rewards, $600,000 in bursaries and $100,000 in dividends.

Homegrown leadership
Local decisions made since 1939.

70,000 members
in 14 communities across the interior.

Become a member today to get your share of smart money and build our community.